1927 ... a year of plenty, prohibition, and Calvin Coolidge was president. Babe Ruth set his famous record of sixty homeruns in one major league season. The first Radio Commission of the United States was created and the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) was established as a radio station. Work on Mount Rushmore began, Pan American Airways was formed, Ford Motor Company stopped manufacturing the Model T, and the first transatlantic phone call was made from New York City to London. Since not everyone had electricity hand-cranked washing machines were selling for $15.95, but for those in cities with electricity washing machines cost $79. Also in the fall of 1927, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, from some small studio in the New Bedford Hotel, a young minister from New York was beginning a radio ministry. Today we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of that historic event.

Over ninety years of continuous broadcasting between two radio stations and only five presenters, with over 4,500 broadcasts to the glory of God and the presentation of His truth. The program continued in spite of the world's greatest financial depressions and the world's greatest war. And never in those ninety years has there been a plea for money to keep the program running. In addition for those who want copies of the program, they are sent free of charge throughout the country along with Bibles when they are requested. All of this is provided by the tithes and offerings of the members of the People's Christian Church, a small but loyal group of people whose families have belonged to the church for generations.

All of this has happened because in the 1920's a young preacher began commuting from New York every week to spread the Gospel message to the New Bedford area. He would commute every weekend, no small task even by today's standards, doing so until 1929 when he moved to the area. This young man, a forward thinker, had the notion to begin a radio ministry. This may seem surprising to some, but when you look at the life of Russell Baldwin it was part of the plan that God had set in motion.

This program continues every Sunday morning at 7 over radio station WBSM.